December 2, 2015

Mold Testing


Visual examination of the building (inside & outside)
to evaluate conditions conducive to mold growth.I inspect the roof, exterior & grounds, foundation structure
and all interior spaces for moisture problems. I also inspect
the mechanicals, attic, ventilation and insulation.

Samples are sent to qualified testing lab.

The laboratory used is an accredited AIHA Laboratory
and meets high standards of performance

lab tests

Laboratory results and inspection report.

Lab report identifying sampling results is provided to the client.
Identification of mold spores collected, spore counts and
characteristics along with summary of test’s findings.


Surface sampling and air quality testing.

Sampling methods used include swab, tape and bio-slide.
Samples taken inside and outside the building.


Remediation clearance testing.

Complete inspection of remediated area(s)
to confirm a successful cleanup.


Types of samples:


Air Quality Sample – This is collected via an air pump and spore trap. Our traps collect 75 Cubic Liters of air, and identify any mold spores present in the air. All homes have some levels of mold in the air, these samples determine if the airborne levels in the clients home are normal or have elevated levels. We can collect these from any rooms/areas of concern, and we base them off of an outside control sample.

Cavity Sample – This is collected with the same air pump, but with a tube connected to the end of the spore trap to allow a sample to be collected from within walls. These are collected whenever a wall shows signs of visual damage or if a wall has high moisture content. These tell us whether elevated conditions exist behind inaccessible walls to determine if removal is necessary.

Surface Sample – Surface samples can be taken of any visual discoloration or growth that is observed. We are able to do this by using a medical swab or tape lift. These will identify the species of any observed growth. This often helps when determining the source of any airborne levels.


I do not perform mold remediation/clean-up. It is my policy to have no financial interest in the discovery of mold or the results of any remediation.