November 25, 2015

Additional Services

Radon Gas Testing  – own page


Mold Testing – own page


Home Maintenance Inspection

A Home Maintenance Inspection will help keep your home in good condition and prevent it from suffering long term and expensive damage. I can help locate those small problems before they become large expenses.

What’s Included in Your Home Maintenance Inspection?

I will inspect for any problems you may be concerned about, as well as the following:

Roof system, including chimney & all roof penetrations
Structural Components
Attic, Ventilation & Insulation
Exterior Cladding, including EIFS
Porch & Deck, stoops & railings
Attached Garage
Garage doors, safety sensors & openers
Electrical System
Plumbing System
Drainage sump pump with accessible float
HVAC System
Interior, including:

Built-In Appliances
Ceilings, Floors & Walls
and much more!


Pre-Listing Inspection:

Eventually your buyer is going to conduct an inspection. You may as well know what they are going to find by getting there first.

Have your home professionally inspected prior to putting it on the market.

Here’s how it can help:

  • Helps you substantiate a higher asking price if problems don’t exist or have been corrected.
  • Helps to make the home show better.
  • Gives you time to make repairs and shop for competitive contractors.
  • Removes over-inflated buyer procured estimates from the negotiation table.
  • Lightens 11th-hour renegotiations.
  • Sign of openness and good faith.
  • The deal is less likely to fall apart the way they often do when a buyer’s inspection unexpectedly reveals a problem, last minute.